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Device Description

A device description table is a data structure that includes information about the drawing attributes of a device (such as a display and printer). All drawing operations are performed through the equipment description table. The device description table is different from most WIN32 structures. Applications cannot directly access the device description table. They can only be accessed indirectly by various related API functions through the handle of the device description table. The device description table is always related to a certain system hardware device. For example, the screen device description table is related to the display device, and the printer device description table is related to the printing device. The screen device description table is generally referred to as the device description table. It has a certain correspondence with the display device. Under the Windows GDI interface, it is always related to a window or a display area on the window.
All fieldbus and industrial Ethernet standards provide specifications for device descriptions, some of which need to be compiled, and some of which are provided in the form of text files. The HART field bus maintained by FCG, Foundation (FF) field bus and Profibus maintained by PNO all use the same Device Description Language (DDL).

FDT/DTM Technology

FDT, which stands for Field Device Tool, refers to a standard for the integration of field devices. It provides a standardized interface for communication between various field devices and systems. DTM stands for Device Type Manager, which is used to manage specific types of field devices within an FDT-based system. In practical terms, FDT/DTM technology allows for the configuration, maintenance, and diagnosis of field devices in a standardized and vendor-independent way. This can include devices such as sensors, actuators, and other field instruments commonly used in industrial automation. If you have specific questions about the implementation, usage, or technology related to FDT and DTM, feel free to ask for more detailed information.

What we have done

This website mainly aims at HART, FF and Profibus. It provides binary file downloading and parsing of device description files, as well as DD source code examples of some devices. At the same time, technical exchanges and explanations on the preparation and use of DD documents are also conducted.

The specifications and corresponding development of FDT framework programs, communication DTM, and device DTM were also discussed